• Dapper & Wise

    Dapper & Wise

    Theme song from next week’s thrilling episode of the world’s premiere coffee show, Unpacking Coffee. Special thanks to Eric Lucas, on drums. He wore glasses that covered up his eyes She was suited in a suitable disguise They roasted coffee, mmm the lows and highs Dapper, dapper and wise. If you’re divided, you balkanize If…

  • Coffee Collective

    Coffee Collective

    Theme song from an episode of Unpacking Coffee.

  • Birchbach (Every Coffee is a Story)

    Birchbach (Every Coffee is a Story)

    Theme song from the Birchbach episode of Unpacking Coffee.

  • Unpacking Coffee, Season 2 Mix

    Unpacking Coffee, Season 2 Mix

    A mash-up of the theme songs from Season 2 of Unpacking Coffee. Twenty songs in 5 minutes.

  • River Tsunami (Rock)

    River Tsunami (Rock)

    Somehow I talked Kandace into singing this one, and I’m glad I did. She had a cold, and hated me for making her do the vocals, which were sung directly into the laptop microphone.

  • Lionize


    I’ve never been quite sure where I stole the chorus at the end from but I’m pretty sure it’s been done before. The first half was built onto that, drawing on Guided By Voices for inspiration. Another surprisingly disciplined mix.

  • The Victim

    The Victim

    At the tail end of my band days I had recorded a demo of this track and always meant to come back to it. Under the “influence” I laid down some overwhelming noises, and had the good sense to come back and edit it the next day. The result is one of my more disciplined…

  • Hello! Video Reprise

    Hello! Video Reprise

    Couldn’t help myself, we just had all those nice instruments sitting there, and who doesn’t love a reprise.

  • Moving Pictures

    Moving Pictures

    Song kept building. Rare attempt at sincerity in songwriting. Don’t hold me to it.

  • Hello! Video Theme

    Hello! Video Theme

    During 2002 and 2003, I curated a number of video “shows” in Portland. At first they were all at Bar of the Gods, and so I wrote a theme song (and produced a video). A bit tongue in cheek.